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Life of Love with Anne Round

Anne Round: Author and healer speaks about her passion for sharing insight and inspiration. She shares how she maintains her grace and trust everyday and prepares by this practice as if she is training for a sport. How divininty and light can give us insight and intuition when our human desires result in frustration or challenge us. How the higher self can have knowledge we can tap into to take advantage of the synchronicities, the gifts it wants to give us to assist us in living with happiness. We talk about how disappointments can show us something we didn’t know was possible and how to know that your higher self is communicating with you. Ann shares how to make space to listen and why it’s important. Listen until the end because she shares her light language with us.

Light of vitality everywhere

How when it’s dark around us, we called to bring forth our internal sun and create the light that is needed.

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Published February 9, 2023


EP 82 - Anne Round: Gene Keys, Light Language & Unlocking your SELF

My beautiful guest for today's show is the mystical Anne Round.

Anne is a transformational being walking her talk practically and magically every day.

She is a lover of life, an intuitive healer, and a committed light bearer for humanity. She cherishes life as a privilege to be human.

Anne is a retired Physical Therapist, an author, and a Gene Keys Guide with the shamanic journey and energy healing training.

Her creed is by consciously be­ing the love we are, we are con­tribut­ing to the ex­pan­sion and evo­lu­tion of hu­man­ity.


See the show notes below for some of the main points (in order) we covered and dived deep into together:

The DEEP spiritual gratitude Anne and I both hold

Anne and her big PAIN TEACHER that lead her to where she is now

"Coming in AWAKE"

The beautiful mystical vision of the earth Anne holds and has seen

What it looks like to raise children that EMBRACE their gifts and spiritual self

What are GENE KEYS and their history?

Where and why would we start using gene keys?



What happens when we do Shadow Work?

The "Art of Contemplation"

A breakdown of my Gene keys

"The Activation Sequence"

The HUMAN DESIGN connection to gene keys

The Awakening to our gifts and purpose keys

Your VENUS and PEARL path

How to embody more of our gene keys in general


Picking the right tool that resonates and lets you fall in love with yourself


Healing through this language

Moving beyond the EGO that gets in front of this language

The best tips and guidance to allow this language to come through you

Can we interrupt and understand the language that comes through?

The shadow of DOING

Anne shares and channels Light Language with us

Anne her definition of LOVE

Published November 9, 2022

Move To Higher Altitude with Anne Round on Soul Nectar Show with Kerri Hummingbird

Anne Round's awakening journey began with meditation while as a career Physical Therapist. She began to learn meditation and techniques to be stress free and to practice calm. Later, she studied Hawaiian Shamanism with Hank Wesselman and expanded her experience that there is more than what we see in front of us, in the physical. Her journey leads us to discuss duality and what it is to be a light of the middle path in the world. Today, Anne is a retired physical therapist, an author, a speaker and a contemplative, including Gene Keys, with a host of other interests and explorations. She includes meditation, shamanic journeying, and various energy healing methods in her expertise. Watch this episode to gain insights on integration of shadow and moving to a higher altitude of Be-ing on your spiritual path. Soul Nectar Show. Published - March 6, 2022

Mother's Voice Podcast with Moncef Afkir

Anne Round - Speaker Banner 03.jpg

In this episode, Anne Round shares about:
Opening and exploring her spiritual path as she raised three children, How to love the stages of transition with children... from motherhood to mentorhood. How loving herself has kept her in her heart to love her kids as they make their own choices, How understanding that her children are beings of light shifted her parenting style, How raising children is a privilege that she is so grateful to experience. Published - November 3, 2021

Because Everyone Has A Story - BEHAS with Daniela

#34 Essences of Truth, The Author – Anne Round

September 6, 2021

Welcome to episode #34       

My guest is Anne Round

Anne Round is a retired physiotherapist, a wife, a mother, a sailor, and an au­thor.  She lives in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.
Anne shares her journey to become a better human being with us via spiritual growth.  She explains how it allowed her to appreciate and love herself more, evolving from controlling and lim­it­ing be­liefs to know­ing herself as love.  Now she flows with and trusts in life. It gave her inspiration to write her book "Essences of Truth Inspirations for Loving Life.”  Listen in to hear of her struggles with the book and Anne's steps to finally publish it.

"We are Love, Joy, Freedom and Peace."


Hey Beautiful Soul! Welcome to this week's episode of Woo-Girl Radio! This week we have Anne Round on the podcast. Anne and I have a heart-filled conversation about following your own intuition, how to live with love and find your own authentic path and the Great Awakening that is happening on Earth. Anne has been spiritually inclined since a young age. Recently she has written a book about living from love, which we discuss in the episode. She speaks and sings in light language, has learned to shamanically Journey and meditates often. I can't wait to share this week's episode with you!

Woo-Girl Radio with Lion Heart Leo aired December 9, 2020

Living in Universal LoveExpoloring the Mystical Side of Life
00:00 / 25:05

Living in Universal Love

If love is the fabric of the Universe, why is it so hard to live from that place? My guest is author and healer, Anne Round.   

In this episode: Self-love and self-acceptance as a foundation to living in Love; Learning how to love your fear; Choosing love or fear; Using the infinity symbol for healing and unity; What is Light language? Using Light Language to transmit love and healing. Anne shares her exercise to transform challenging emotions; Linda shares an exercise to transform emotions and heal that aspect of yourself;  Anne shares a Light Language channel and message. 

Exploring the Mystical Side of Life with Linda Lang aired December 23, 2020

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