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Essences of Truth is a collection of 29 essays that can open us to new ways of thinking about life. I have embraced these philosophies over my lifetime like sipping nectar from a flower to enhance my journey. The essence is to love everything just as it is and to live life wholeheartedly from a contemplative view. We are inspired to love ourselves more and more regardless of what is appearing in our lives. A life that allows love to guide the way, peace to descend within, and joy to erupt into the world is a blessing for all of us.

May love always lead our way of being in the world.

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About the Author

Anne Round is a retired physiotherapist who lives in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. She is dedicated to maintaining a healthy body, mind, and spirit. She is a voyager who brings her light everywhere she shows up.

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Inspirations for Loving Life 

Essences of Truth: Inspirations for Loving Life has inspired me to keep bringing my messages of wisdom to the world.

I am doing so with articles and podcast conversations. The buttons will take you directly to your preference. 

May they bring joy, smiles, and love to you. 

Reviews of Essences of Truth


Thoughtful and uplifting messages for turbulent times

Anne Round shares insights and a passion for life in her collection of essays, Essences of Truth. With warmth and an open heart, she writes about a wide range of topics, including peace, self-love, creativity, the physical world, spiritual life, and family. There is a gentleness to the book, which I found soothing. I particularly enjoyed the intentions she sends to readers at the end of a chapter. May she continue writing uplifting messages during these times of significant change.

A. Buckner 

“I thoroughly enjoyed reading Essences of Truth- Inspirations for Loving Life; I could hear your voice recounting your story. Thank you for sharing intimate details of your life to inspire others to examine their own stories.


I appreciate the rhythmic flow of your writing style. Through telling your truths and sharing your insights and practices, a roadmap to loving oneself and others is provided. It is essential to be reminded from time to time who we are and what we are capable of becoming. Thank you for the sweet reminders.“


Laura Lobel - Folsom, California

"Anne's book, "Essences of Truth," expresses wisdom and spiritual truths and through story telling, teaches us how we can mine our life journey for the wisdom hidden within. A beautiful read!"

 Linda Lang - ThoughtChange.com - Ottawa, Ontario

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