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  • Anne Round

Be­com­ing in the Gar­den of Life

By Anne Round

Published Magic Happens Magazine February 2021

Image by Anne Round

Life is an un­du­lat­ing wave of be­ing and be­com­ing that of­fers us the pre­cious cre­ation of growth. Har­mony is ex­pressed in a bal­ance be­tween be­ing and be­com­ing. Be­ing is the fem­i­nine prin­ci­ple, it is the con­tainer where every­thing is held. It is the deep oceanic pres­ence of po­ten­tials and pos­si­bil­i­ties. The mas­cu­line prin­ci­ple is the be­com­ing, it is the ac­tion of ex­pres­sion. It is the po­ten­tial ma­te­ri­al­iz­ing into form. Be­ing and be­com­ing dance to­gether as one, yin yang. One con­tin­ual cy­cle, mov­ing in and out, round and round, the mys­te­ri­ous cur­rent of life hap­pen­ing.

Be­ing is the sea of po­ten­tial. Be­com­ing is the cre­ative pulse that emerges from be­ing. Be­ing is the heart and be­com­ing is the mind. If the mind is in ser­vice to the heart then be­com­ing ap­pears as beauty, in­tegrity and au­then­tic­ity in the world. If the mind de­mands to be in charge with­out heart then the cre­ation lacks the en­ergy to emerge with bal­ance and har­mony.

My gar­den of­fers the young shoots of the daf­fodils as con­tem­pla­tion of be­com­ing. The bulbs that I planted in No­vem­ber rep­re­sent be­ing. They are the po­ten­tial of the joy­ful yel­low flower nod­ding on its stem on a warm spring day. It is their be­com­ing that ex­presses magic and mys­tery as they qui­etly form hid­den roots, that ground them in the soil. The sprout emerges from the bulb mak­ing its way up­ward and ex­pand­ing. Day by day more sta­bil­ity is cre­ated, a strong stem ap­pears, and a small bulge that will blos­som into the jolly flower. Af­ter this pe­riod of be­com­ing, the flower is sim­ply be­ing ra­di­at­ing its bril­liance and love into the world. When its dis­play is com­plete it re­turns en­ergy to the bulb so the whole process can re­peat the next year. A cy­cle of be­ing and be­com­ing that is the trade­mark of na­ture.

The flower emerges steadily thanks to the en­ergy stored in the bulb. The be­com­ing re­quires en­ergy, yet ap­pears ef­fort­less. When we spend time nur­tur­ing our be­ing with con­tem­pla­tion, kind­ness, and self-love. We can carry more ease and grace for the be­com­ing of our daily lives. When the soil around the sprout is loose and aer­ated then the ef­fort of push­ing into the light oc­curs with ease. We can make our own jour­ney smoother and less en­cum­bered by loos­en­ing our grip on our men­tal and emo­tional be­liefs. We can choose ef­fort­less­ness to in­form our be­com­ing, trust­ing our growth is in­formed by sim­ply be­ing. We need to con­sider what tools we have to till the soil of our life. Pa­tience, gen­tle­ness, for­give­ness, and grat­i­tude are a few ways to fa­cil­i­tate our own be­com­ing each day. When we tend to our be­ing through med­i­ta­tion, quiet re­flec­tion, pauses, and time in na­ture, we are stor­ing en­ergy for be­com­ing. When our time ar­rives to bloom, we can de­light in be­com­ing more love, and more grate­ful for the ex­pe­ri­ences of be­ing alive here and now.

We are con­tin­u­ally danc­ing as life within the mys­tery of be­com­ing and be­ing. The con­stant ex­change of the mas­cu­line and the fem­i­nine prin­ci­ples in ac­tion within our sys­tem and all of na­ture. Our lives are beauty emerg­ing, a rhythm and pre­ci­sion, that al­lows the magic of be­com­ing to in­flu­ence our be­ing and vice versa.

May we all trust the call to be­come by be­ing.

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