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Love Notes for Life - Happy New Year

By Anne Round Published January 2021 for The Magic Happens Magazine

Happy New Year! May we all be blessed with ex­pand­ing our love into the world in our own unique way. Wel­come to my Magic Hap­pens col­umn, for me this is an ex­cit­ing leap al­low­ing me to ex­press my love of life.

Image by Gerd Altmann From Pixabay

Let me in­tro­duce my­self, Anne Round, at your ser­vice. I am a lover of life, a big smile per­son, and a com­mit­ted light bearer for hu­man­ity. On the ground in this life, I am a re­tired phys­io­ther­a­pist, a wife, a mother, a cre­ative, a sailor, a skier, a dancer, an au­thor, and a con­tem­pla­tive with a host of other in­ter­ests and ex­plo­rations. On the cos­mic level, I am a bril­liant light of vi­bra­tional en­ergy, vast, and mul­ti­di­men­sional, just like you are. Here on planet Earth, I re­side in Vic­to­ria, British Co­lum­bia, Canada. My spir­i­tual jour­ney has moved me to­wards med­i­ta­tion, shamanic jour­ney­ing, and var­i­ous en­ergy heal­ing meth­ods. Step by step, my lim­it­ing be­liefs that I had taken up and were re­strict­ing me from know­ing my­self as love in ac­tion have trans­formed. Now I like to flow with life, al­low­ing ease and grace to be my com­pan­ions. I have learned to trust in life. The more I trust and al­low life to un­fold, the eas­ier it be­comes. I walk forth in peace, love, and joy.

My creed is that by be­ing the love we are, we are con­tribut­ing to the ex­pan­sion and evo­lu­tion of hu­man­ity. When we ac­knowl­edge that we are love, a part of the fab­ric of the Uni­verse, and a part of na­ture, then we can al­low love to flow into us and ra­di­ate out of us to do its work in the world. The mys­ti­cal is how love moves through us be­yond our men­tal con­trol. I am sure you have felt the sud­den move­ment of en­ergy flow­ing through you like a stream on its way to an un­known des­ti­na­tion, love in ac­tion. In­creas­ing our aware­ness that love is al­ways flow­ing al­lows us to open our­selves to more love for our­selves and oth­ers and re­duces our need to im­pede the flow. We gain trust that the Uni­verse knows what it is do­ing and how to sup­port us. We fol­low our in­tu­ition, know­ing it is life guid­ing us. We share our love light with our smiles, in emails we send, books we write, and art we cre­ate. All our cre­ative pur­suits hold our en­ergy. We get to choose whether we are go­ing to add love with in­ten­tion or not. Every fresh breath and every step, we are al­ways cre­at­ing anew. Do­ing so with an in­ten­tion for the high­est good and love for all ex­pands every pos­si­bil­ity. This is how we will con­sciously build a new world where the source of all ac­tion is love in­stead of fear.

Cre­at­ing love in mo­tion: Here is a sim­ple prac­tice that cre­ates a pause and in­ward fo­cus while walk­ing. I take my first step think­ing and be­ing “Peace.” The sec­ond step be­ing “Love” and the third step be­ing “Joy.” I re­peat this triad as I con­tinue to step along con­tem­plat­ing the words and be­ing pre­sent to my sur­round­ings in­side and out­side. I hope you en­joy this sim­ple walk­ing med­i­ta­tion.

May the love you are shine into 2021 with di­a­mond bril­liance.

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