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  • Anne Round

The Light Behind the Clouds

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

By Anne Round

Published in The Magic Happens Magazine January 2021

Image by Lauren Fougner used with permission

Be­yond the clouds, the sun is shin­ing and the stars are sparkling. These bril­liant lights can be ob­scured by lay­ers of cloud. We can use our imag­i­na­tion, our know­ing, and our feel­ing sense to have faith that they are al­ways pre­sent shin­ing their light no mat­ter the ac­tiv­ity of the clouds.

When we al­low our­selves our place in na­ture, we see how we can be like the clouds. We ac­cept what is in every mo­ment, know­ing each next mo­ment is a fresh cre­ation sourc­ing from the light be­yond. Life of­fers us dif­fer­ent per­spec­tives all the time. It all de­pends on our van­tage point as to how we in­ter­pret what we see. We have clouds in our sky to show us the ever-evolv­ing chang­ing ways of na­ture. Clouds al­low us an op­por­tu­nity to con­tem­plate im­per­ma­nence. Each new mo­ment brings a shift in the cloud­scape. They are for­ever chang­ing as are we.

Clouds cre­ate pat­terns that change through­out the day, just like our moods shift. The state of the clouds in the sky can in­flu­ence the en­er­gies sur­round­ing us. En­er­gies can hang in our aura in the same man­ner as clouds in the sky. Some days, the omi­nous pres­ence of the cloud cover hangs in heavy, thick lay­ers of grey cre­at­ing a moist blan­ket. It makes us feel heavy and bur­dened. We move through the day slug­gishly wait­ing for the at­mos­phere to re­lease. The rain and wind swirl into storms that push the clouds swiftly across the sky. The clouds skid around in chaotic di­rec­tions leav­ing us feel­ing buf­feted by life whisk­ing along at a rapid pace. We feel the changes in the sky. The storm re­leases the stored en­ergy; the an­tic­i­pa­tion charge dis­si­pates. We feel the air has changed. We are open to new pos­si­bil­i­ties.

On the raini­est of our win­ter days, I like to close my eyes and imag­ine that I am above the clouds be­ing warmed by the sun. I dream of be­ing on the ski hill, pop­ping out above the clouds, and feel­ing the power of the so­lar rays deep in my be­ing. I re­mem­ber the thrill of tak­ing off in an air­plane leav­ing the rain and grey; pen­e­trat­ing through the cloud fog into the glo­ri­ous sun­light. The light of the sun is al­ways pre­sent whether we can see it or not. This aware­ness helps me feel the light in­side my be­ing. We each need to keep mov­ing through the fog and mist and have faith that the sun is be­hind the clouds in our life.

Every day we have the choice to re­mem­ber that we are the light, even when it feels hid­den and in­vis­i­ble within. We are asked to have faith that when a cloud ap­pears in our en­ergy field; our light is still ra­di­at­ing out into the world. We are the same play as the clouds and the sun­light in the sky. Every­thing is chang­ing within and all around us. We can take heart in know­ing that our own light is steadily shin­ing from within, some days it is harder to see than oth­ers but we are al­ways em­a­nat­ing the di­vine light we are. We are suns ra­di­at­ing our light, pre­sent whether it is vis­i­ble or not. Our in­ner sun is con­stantly al­low­ing the cy­cle of chang­ing en­er­gies around us. Some days those en­er­gies are thick cloud cover, other days they are lighter. No mat­ter what, they are al­ways chang­ing.

The sun never stops shin­ing be­hind the clouds. The stars are al­ways sparkling even when hid­den by lay­ers of cloud. We can al­low the clouds that sur­round us to be and trust that they are con­tin­u­ally chang­ing. We can be the sun we are whether our day ap­pears cloudy or bright.

May we all know the light be­hind the clouds.

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