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  • Anne Round

Unity is Alive in our Body

By Anne Round

Published The Magic Happens Magazine May 2021

Image by PixxlTeufel from Pixabay

Hu­mans are a trea­sure chest for the Mys­tery to ex­pe­ri­ence the won­der and awe of hav­ing a body. A body that can sing, dance, laugh, and love as well as cre­ate a myr­iad of other mirac­u­lous mo­ments. At our core, we con­tain the cre­ative na­ture of the Uni­verse, puls­ing with en­ergy of po­ten­tial and pos­si­bilities. We are ex­tra­or­di­nary in our or­di­nary, every­day lives.

Our body is a vast ar­ray of in­ter­con­nected sys­tems work­ing be­yond our con­scious con­trol. It is a field of uni­fied en­ergy con­tribut­ing to the sur­vival of the whole. Our unique phys­i­cal­ity, our emo­tional land­scape, and our men­tal pre­pon­der­ance are each co­or­di­nated into who we are. The mul­ti­tude of cre­ative ac­tiv­i­ties that are con­tin­u­ally oc­cur­ring within us is mind-bog­gling. Our body is a hive of dy­namic cre­ation hap­pen­ing be­yond our thoughts and feel­ings.

Pause for a mo­ment and con­sider the in­tri­ca­cies of read­ing these words on the page. The eye re­ceives the pho­tons from the sur­face on which you gaze. The op­tic nerves dis­trib­ute the in­for­ma­tion to the brain for eval­u­a­tion. De­ci­sions ar­rive about each word then form sen­tences. The sen­tences cre­ate an idea that the mind de­cides that it agrees with or not. Our emo­tional sys­tem comes on board and re­laxes or con­tracts de­pend­ing on our align­ment or not with the words. Our heart may beat faster, or our breath may slow down be­cause of the ex­pe­ri­ence. While we are read­ing, else­where in our sys­tem, food is di­gest­ing, and kid­neys are fil­ter­ing. It is a mag­nif­i­cent sys­tem of uni­fied ac­tion and re­sponse that al­lows us to thrive.

There is unity in our bod­ies. When we have a dis­ease, bal­ance, and har­mony are lost. The in­tri­ca­cies of the de­sign be­come mis­aligned. The lack of align­ment is when we for­get our true na­ture of be­long­ing to the greater whole. We con­strict our bod­ies with men­tal per­cep­tions of what we should or should not do. We in­no­cently be­lieve and adopt the ex­ter­nal pat­terns of our cul­ture and our fam­ily. No mat­ter our ways, our body con­tin­ues bal­anc­ing and har­mo­niz­ing. We are all trea­sure chests of love, adorned by life cir­cum­stances.

In the past, hu­man­ity has been liv­ing in the depths of pain and suf­fer­ing. Now, we ex­plore light and whole­ness to bring in the uni­fied field more and more into the hu­man ex­pe­ri­ence. We cre­ate unity in our bod­ies, mind, and heart by align­ing in trust, ac­cep­tance, and love. This rhyth­mic, uni­fied pat­tern ra­di­ates out­ward into our fam­i­lies and com­mu­ni­ties. It al­lows each of us to con­tribute to the in­ter­con­nected sys­tem of all hu­man­ity. It is the tran­si­tion we are in, mov­ing from fear to love.

Unity con­scious­ness is love in ac­tion in the world. The trea­sure that has al­ways ex­isted be­neath the lay­ers of hu­man­i­ty’s voy­age. To­day, we are awak­en­ing to cre­ate bal­ance and open­ness in our bod­ies. We are hon­or­ing our phys­i­cal, men­tal, and emo­tional sys­tems to al­low more re­lax­ation and fewer con­stric­tions. We love our­selves more and more while em­brac­ing the fears that arise to al­low them their free­dom to be. We ac­cept the mind and the heart with their re­ac­tions while be­ing in our belly, where our essence of one­ness con­nects us to every­thing. It is who we are, the Uni­verse of Love em­bod­ied in hu­man form alive in our best way. We are cre­ators who can dip into the trea­sure chest of the Uni­verse that lies at our core and bring forth the magic in­her­ent in the Mys­tery.

May we know unity within and be­yond.

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